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The beauty of travel: the love of walking

Le 21 décembre 2017, 04:01 dans Humeurs 0

For example, when it comes to the part of the line, how do many people feel about aesthetics?
The only way to get to a place is to travel without transportation Personal Items shippment. But I think a city today, its prosperous, its economic take-off, often do have a car of choose and employ persons signs, the city has a population of ten million, four million cars, at the end of the car can't move, then that actually become slow, not fast, all in that place. I think in this blocking situation, you suddenly feel that people are making choices.
The culture of the line, from the earliest how to walk with legs, walk with feet, to ride horses, riding donkeys, boat, in that sense of speed have a lot of love for walking freight forwarder. We read with friend farewell wang wei in tang dynasty, the departure at the fron, everybody's most familiar verse, next to a lot of willow, friends have to go, be out of town, off, drink a little wine, picking the willow branches to friends, we are now in the airport, there is no about the ceremony, said it was for the ceremony said, because it is difficult to, say goodbye to meet again so much, is constantly using poetry to express his process line for this matter, there is a kind of slow, a moderate process.
I often mentioned to my friends that in the song dynasty landscape paintings, the most touching was the greatest building in Chinese gardens, which suddenly appeared a pavilion. When I go to the humble administrator's garden china air shipping, I will see a small pavilion. I just want to stop and stop. You're tired. Stop. The scenery is so good. Why don't you stop?
If the whole life is on the way, rushing to go, like the word of the busy word is the heart death, then he can see what, can feel what. In the song dynasty painting, we see that the location of the pavilion, is probably the most beautiful place in, we call the view pavilion, it is can overlook the beautiful landscape, or in the middle there is a pavilion, is to tell you, your life is not necessarily ahead hard, can stop, you can feel the things around, so stop just turned into an interactive with busy.

There is always a way, only one person to go

Le 21 décembre 2017, 03:51 dans Humeurs 0

The more you think, the more trouble you'll have. I don't want to do anything. The more you fear, the more people you bully. Nothing is afraid of anything, but no one dare to bully you. You are so nice that people will take advantage of you. You flatter yourself by crossing the line.

So, don't give up, when you are wronged, you have to say "no" bravely. The best way to live is to make you smile.

Don't be mean to people who love you

There are not a few good people in your life. How many people will be lost in everything will wake up: the grace of love cannot be overconsumed. Everyone has a temper, for you to bear all the anger, just because that person is more than you to love you.

Life is not perfect, there are always bitter tears, there is always regret, there is always deep resentment, there is always regret. Live with the most natural attitude and intention and you will find happiness in your heart.

There is always some way, but you alone

A boss again difficult also won't give up speaking out of turn, and a staff do not want to run away, a pair of husband and wife again noisy again big, also won't divorce easily, and a couple for some small things often is separated. At the end of the day, you're in a situation where the amount of investment in a relationship determines how much stress you can afford, and that greatness comes through. Why use boil, because ordinary people cannot bear the grievance you have to bear.

There are so many things that need you to carry. Life is not about compromise. Don't be afraid of loneliness. Don't avoid hardship. The longer you walk, the older you get. Forget yesterday, it is the shadow that binds you.

The more you flinch, the less space you'll have to breathe. The day is not meant to do, the more humble you are, the further away some happy things will be.

Please believe, so much you feel to be close to the situation, will be gradually better. Even if it is slow, it is willing to be the past if you want to wait. And those you can't overcome, can't overcome, can't tolerate, can't tolerate, tell yourself, whatever beats you, will eventually make you stronger!

Emergency method for power interruption

Le 11 août 2017, 13:19 dans Humeurs 0

It has always been a reliable partner for electricity demand customers. On the road to serving customers, it has been constantly striving for more excellence. Further optimizing the fuel mix and energy mix is its goal and a solid basis for providing more reliable services fuel mix. In the industry, it claims to be more reliable than 99.999%. 

However, the power supply is unlimited and reliable, but there are too many force majeure factors in the process of use, and different people will have different conditions. Here, I'm going to tell you what to do if there's a power outage. 

First of all, when the power supply interruption problem occurs, the main brake or circuit breaker should be checked first, because the breaking of the tripping and the fuse of the fuse will cause this kind of situation. Second, it should be clear that the power supply disruption of the power company is still the problem of the whole environment, and the feedback from the actual problems will solve the problem better. Then, it's important to turn off high-load appliances and not use open fires when power outages occur. Of course, those electric appliances that can heat up are also best shut down.

Focusing on the above mentioned above can help a lot of people. Sometimes it can have a very important effect. It is recommended to know and keep in mind.Sakura Japan

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