Hot summer in long a cicada short steaming in the anxious voice, I work on how to deal too busy to attend to the other, is often the things for the next thing is numerous and complicated, and thus ignore the mother and the exchange, or, mother I don't explain to me complaining all day long, all in all, the phone is less than before.


For two years, my mother's brain atrophy was obvious, she called her yesterday, but she firmly said that I had two weeks no matter she, the way of injustice made me helpless and funny. My father took care of his brother's contracted land, and took his mother to take care of him every day. Once, my mother is in a meeting, I call, I whispered in the meeting, she still call time and stubborn, I think what's the matter, rushed to answer, she said, home to feed pigs don't son. Let me cry: you let the sister-in-law to see the vet. There are so many things like this, especially when I'm having a hard time.


The day before yesterday, I went to see my mother with my sister-in-law, and she was happy to say that we were both rare, saying that we didn't call her often.


The sister-in-law tickle her: did your son call you?


She said at once: he is busy!


The sister-in-law said: my sister is very busy too


Mother left her mouth: was she too busy to kill her mother?


The sister-in-law and I laughed and said, "you can't reason with this old lady.


My mother said, "I called my aunt, and said that I didn't look at her on the phone for half a month, and my aunt criticized me. The sister-in-law was very helpless to say: you so who letter? My mother was very proud of her smile.


When I was young, my mother was a very violent man, who ate hard, was poor, and desperately tried to provide for the old and the children, but now, like a child, he was extremely dependent on us. We call our sisters one by one every day. In recent months, the phone's beginning has always been: I miss you...


Because of the illness, she stated things in a few ways, and I also got impatient. But, at this moment, sitting at the window, remembering these, always some sad and helpless: the person is old, the child is her biggest place. Listening to our voices every day is a pleasure for her, and we ignore her feelings in the midst of all the chaos. Make every phone call carefully. At this point, my heart twitches sadly, I am so unsensible daughter ah! When we are old, we are not necessarily better than our mother.


Now we give parents the material living condition is very good, but, in spirit, we still have a lot of shortage, for this, I deeply repent, also determined, must have to call my mother every day, have time to accompany her to chat, don't let her think about children in loneliness. Now, I'll put down my keyboard and call my mother!