It has always been a reliable partner for electricity demand customers. On the road to serving customers, it has been constantly striving for more excellence. Further optimizing the fuel mix and energy mix is its goal and a solid basis for providing more reliable services fuel mix. In the industry, it claims to be more reliable than 99.999%. 

However, the power supply is unlimited and reliable, but there are too many force majeure factors in the process of use, and different people will have different conditions. Here, I'm going to tell you what to do if there's a power outage. 

First of all, when the power supply interruption problem occurs, the main brake or circuit breaker should be checked first, because the breaking of the tripping and the fuse of the fuse will cause this kind of situation. Second, it should be clear that the power supply disruption of the power company is still the problem of the whole environment, and the feedback from the actual problems will solve the problem better. Then, it's important to turn off high-load appliances and not use open fires when power outages occur. Of course, those electric appliances that can heat up are also best shut down.

Focusing on the above mentioned above can help a lot of people. Sometimes it can have a very important effect. It is recommended to know and keep in mind.Sakura Japan